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Outsourcing & Offshoring

Why Egypt?

According to ITIDA, Egypt is positioning itself as one of the leading outsourcing locations, providing services for countries as diverse as the USA, UK, mainland Europe, and the Middle East. The Egyptians are as well-known for their fluent and accent-free English, as they are for their dexterity with French, German, and Spanish.

Cairo is an outsourcing haven, with its vast dedicated technology and outsourcing park in Smart Village, and the development of Maadi Park, which will house in excess of 135,000 employees.

In terms of infrastructure, Egypt has undergone an unprecedented phase of development to live up to its title as one of the fastest growing outsourcing locations in the ICT industry. With more than 8.29 million internet users and around 395,000 broadband connections in early 2008, Egypt expects to increase its capacity exponentially (ITIDA, 2008).

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Our capabilities

Language Barrier

Our team is capable of communicating fluently in English, French and Arabic. This is one of the strongest pivots when looking for your partner

Communication Tools

Our team is familiar with leading tools like Odoo, Trello, MS Project, G-Suite and Github. Which allow them connect, collaborate and track progress.

Experienced teams

With being a highly populated country, access to resources is quite easy so the team augmentation and recruitment process should not be a problem

ACME Academy

ACME has started an internal training centre that focuses on building the required abilities & experience in order to provide creative developers.


After the Egyptian Pound devaluation, Egypt were placed on the map of O&O destinations as the man-day prices became extremely competitive


Cairo (GMT +2) is placed on the map at the heart of the EMEA region, facilitating the connection with our Middle East, European and African customers

Tight Internal Process

ACME has been working on developing its internal process as to become one of the strongest pillars in the company. We have been engaged with professional consultants from Software Engineering Competence Center (SECC) to train and develop the internal processed to follow the Software Process Improvement Guidelines (SPIG) standard. This gives us the edge of having a strong QA/QC system in place