Cappy – The Process

Experiential Marketing
About This Project

Re-launch Cappy in the market through Sampling stressing on the “Uplifts your mood” proposition, while promoting the new taste, and bottle

  • In order to make it engaging, we made people go through the whole CAPPY process of Washing, peeling, deseeding, chunking, squeezing, bottling. AT each step on the graphically animated “vending machine”, the use presses on the screen to perform an action related to the process and sees the fruit move from one step to the other until a Cappy bottle is released
  • To promote the “Uplift your mood” proposition, we injected a before and after mood where the users would take a picture with a “negative” mood mouth expression before drinking the Cappy, and after with a positive mouth expression, which is virtually placed on the screen
  • Users were then able to share their photo on Facebook and through email, and enjoy the taste of the new Cappy

High interaction levels with over 1000 participants in the first weekend of the activation