Coca Cola – Etganen

Experiential Marketing, Home
About This Project

Promote the Coca Cola Etganen campaign in a unique way and give the TA the opportunity to participate in this campaign and express their “Crazy” moments


6 interactive kiosks in a bottle shape, using 42″ multitouch screens where users can write down their crazy moment “ana el magnoun eli…”, take a picture of it, share it on FB, Twitter or via email, and print it out.

Kiosks where initially installed at 6 key locations: Tivoli, City Stars, Mall of Arabia, Gezira Club, and Heliopolis Club. Given the mobility of the kiosks, they rotate in multiple areas every week, creating more reach

  • The campaign was a major success for Coca Cola. Although it was planned for only 1 month, given it’s success it was extended for 3 months.
  • In the initial month alone, the campaign achieved over 50,000 participating individuals creating engagement, interactivity and social buzz