For the first time in the middle east, DIRECTED SOUND

Experiential Marketing, Home
About This Project
  • Push customers to try FRICO rather than other products at the chiller
  • A setup of directed sound technology was installed at the chiller where only the person standing at the FRICO spot can hear the message
  • The message promotes the benefits of FRICO, as the customer feels that someone is talking to them only, example:
    • Hello, how are you today – yes you – good to see you standing here and looking at me – Am your FRICO Cheese talking. did you know that 1 slice of FRICO = to a glass of milk? We’ve got a lot of flavors to choose from – They all are waiting for you
    • Hi, which Frico cheese are you picking today? Pick what you feel like, we’ve got flavors from creamy to savory to spicy all just for you
  • WOM was created and the promotion achieved its sales target