Lactel – Invent your Flavor

Experiential Marketing
About This Project

Sampling of the new Lactel

  • We gave the opportunity for the users to come up with flavors that can be added to the classically delicious Lactel taste
  • A touch screen was presented where the use choose from a list of icons of Nutella, Cookies, Kitkat, Fruits and others to be added to the yoghurt
  • The 3 chosen flavors are then added onto a branded photo frame with the test “I invented the new flavor of …….”, base don the chosen flavors
  • The user is then given the option to take a photo within the branded frame, which is then instantly printed
  • The most selected mix of flavor in then voted for on Facebook
  • A sample was also given to the user

High interaction levels with over 1000 participants in the first weekend of the activation