Rani Summer Activation

Experiential Marketing, Home
About This Project
  • Our main objective is to let everyone know about Rani by doing the following:
  • Retaining Rani Float as a youthful joyful and fun drink
  • Raising awareness
  • Allow interactivity and engagement with the brand
  • Toll Station: there was ushers giving the consumers giveaways and Rani cans
  • North Coast: there was a booth in some places in north coast like malls and beaches
  • The concept of the booth is that there was a music table each consumer were asked to create his/her own music by using Rani cans.
  • Each can represents a specific tone, they where asked to put them on the surface of the table
  • We were distributing giveaways for each player and there were sampling
  • There was a competition that the one with the best video and more likes on Facebook wins an IPhone 7
  • There were high traffic on the booths in each place