Unilever Kamel Karamak

Experiential Marketing, Home
About This Project
  • Coordinating between 15 different locations in Ramadan, the busiest month of the year, for the Lipton and Knorr sales to calculate the charity percentage across Greater Cairo and Alexandria.
  • The message needed to communicate to the clients of raising enough money to reach 1.5 million meals in a month.
  • The main challenge was to do the calculations without getting access to sales in the markets.
  • Created an app for the ushers using tabs, where they manually count the purchases and input in software.
  • Software calculates 1% of sales and sends signals to the screens, counting up the number day by day for 35 days.
  • The app was also used manually, so team members were able to input the other participating restaurants and contributing food.

Objective reached! The campaign was able to feed 1.5 million people in Ramadan.